dumper | 1 tonne dumper
SD10-9D mini dumper with engine casing and cover

1 tonne dumper price is from from 7,000 to 20,000 in Chinese currency YUAN.
mini dumper precio en Peru depende del flete maritimo.
If you prefer to know the dumper pris, please contact me because our factory is factory of mining dumper, construction dumper and oil palm dumper since 1980s.
If you just wants to know how to drive a dumper, please check our operation manuals.
1 tonne payload dumper is 4×2 driving type dumper descargar or descargar dumper.
We could either provide Kubota dumper or Yanmar dumper if you do not trust Chinese single cylinder engine.
Dumper hire is popular in many countries, but we prefer 1t dumper for sale and 3 tonne dumper articulado.
It will be perfect if you can tell us where you drive dumper because some situations prefer tracked dumper, some prefer wheeled dumper.
1ton payload is small size, so no need hydraulic tip dumper, we suggest mechanical hopper dumper.
All we produce are moteur diesel dumper, and electric dumper with battery is below 1 ton, mostly track dumper or lorry dumper.
Famous brand like Tata dumper,thwaites dumper,terex dumper,wacker neuson dumper,Ausa dumper provides no es dumper de segunda mano, but our mini dumper a chenille 1000 kg is brand new.
Usine de tombereaux est Jurong Ironman Machinery.


dumper | 1 tonne dumper
FC10 mini dumper

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Name:1 ton mini dumper minero.
HS code of dumper truck 843050900.
Model of arriendo dumper SD10-9D.
Gravel dumper Payload 1000Kg.
Forward tipping dumper engine power: Model S195N.
Dumper engine type: Horizontal single-cylinder four-stroke,radiator water-cooled, 12 Hours rated power/Rev 8.8KW/2000rpm.
Capacity of this lori rigid dumper bucket 0.5m3.
It is easy to tell payload if we know the bucket size. 1cbm volume dumper has 2 tonne payload.
Drive type:Dumper 4×2.
Mini dumper a venda Max.speed: 23Km/h.
Dumper rigide Grade ability: 21%.
Wheel base 1500mm
Gebrauchte dumper Tread is: Front 1320mm and Back 1290mm.
It is not track dumper, it is wheeler dumper, front wheel size is 7.50inches x 16inches, rear wheel size is 5.00inches x 15inches.
Dumper gearbox type is 3 front speeds, 1 reverse speed.
0.5 cbm volume dumper Min.turning radius: less than 4m.
Overall size of mini dumper a chenille: 2650plus1600plus1450mm .
Dry clutch dumper weight : 1000Kg.
Our road dumper has hand crank starting engine,without driver shield,
manual de operacion de dumper with full engine casing,mechanic tipping hopper,ergonomic seat.


dumper | 1 tonne dumper
Mini dumper in Venezuela
dumper | 1 tonne dumper
1ton dumper without engine casing or cover